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Hello from Katrina

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  1. Catharine Colgate Catharine Colgate

    Have really enjoyed you first two “Moved” books…will there be a third…and if so when?

    • katrina katrina

      Hi Catherine, I’m so pleased you enjoyed Moved, which was a bittersweet and sometimes funny love story. Really, it was a short duo part novella the story of which I felt was complete at two. But of course, theres always roon for another part at some stage, lol!!! But to be honest, I have a lot of other projects on the go at the moment, so I’m forging ahead with those. You may enjoy Riders series, just completed, and 3 Hot Dates the third part about to be finished. Both part ones are free on smashwords, Riders (I) is free on Kindle only. Im still waiting for 3 Hit Dates to catch up as free on there. Thankyou so much for the feedback, so many readers dont think to drop me line. It means a lot. Kat. x

  2. Kenneth Gardner Kenneth Gardner

    It makes you go into a mind set wonder

    • katrina katrina

      Does it now… lol. :)

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