Hello from Katrina

Snapshot_20140820_30A big warm welcome to YOU from Me. A virtual hug and an enthusiastic air kiss.
Okay… let’s get to know each other a little.
I’m an author and you’re a reader!! LOL
I’m guessing you love steamy romance novels and erotic literature of some type, or else you wouldn’t be here. And as I love to write and publish it…. hey, we’re off on the right foot   Big Smile
But more than just a shared interest, I love to talk about things I stumble across in the world of fiction.

To share my views on the latest ‘n greatest hot cake bestsellers to hit the literary charts. 
Hmmmm… so many thoughts on those… they’re not always so great… ha ha??!!
On the subject of MY books, I’d like to have feedback from you about my characters, plotlines and stories.
Authors can go crazy without a little interraction you know, and although I’m probably half way there, I don’t want to tip into the world of madness just yet.

So comment, share this and send me emails, questions… leave feedback on my FB, retweet my tweets, repin my pins, watch my videos on YT, subscribe to my channel and comment… whatever you fricking like!!! I’ll really, really appreciate it. All my social links are at the left side of the website.

When you’ve finished reading this make sure you sign up to my book launch list. It’s going to be so much more than just another list.

I love my readers and look after them. I’ll NEVER spam you or email you so often you’ll scream when you see me pop into your inbox.

You’ll get special exclusives from me now and then. Free mini ebooks to download, book launch dates, freebie Kindle day announcements.

And special things like the chance to name characters in my upcoming erotic trilogy planned for this summer. Chances to win free copies of ebooks and special memorabilia that I will be creating for my novels. I have many erotic romance stories in the pipeline and I’m a VERY prolific writer.

So, go sign up for my book list  at the top right of this page and get your free Destiny mini erotic short gift and look out for hot emails from me in the future.

Thanks so much for dropping by…

Katrina Liss


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